Western Digital Hard Drives

Western Digital is known for storing the world’s data. INTERNAL HARD DRIVE STORAGE by this well known maker includes WD Black Performance Desktop Hard Drive, WD Black Performance Mobile Hard Drive, WD Blue PC Desktop Hard Drive, WD Blue PC Mobile Hard Drive, WD Blue SSHD PC Desktop Hard Drive, WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive and WD Red NAS Hard Drive. The different colors means you use them for doing different things. Purple is for capturing images, red is for networking, black is for creating and blue is for building.

External Storage Hard Drives

Western Digital offers many fine solutions for businesses, creative professionals and home and personal use. They are a trusted leader helping people get the most out of using technology. They provide high quality and innovative, products, exceptional customer service and the best operational excellence. Their external storage drives include My Book (New), My Book, My Book Duo, My Book for Mac, WD Elements Desktop and My Book Pro.

Portable External Hard Drives

Western Digital also provide portable external hard drives which include My Passport for premium storage, My Passport for Mac (New) that offers a stylish design, My Passport Pro for RAID, My Passport for Mac uses USB 2.0, USB 3.0, My Passport Ultra for premium storage using USB 2.0, USB 3.0, My Passport Ultra Metal Edition which has a nice metal design, My Passport Wireless for SD Card Slot, USB 3.0, Wi-Fi, My Passport Wireless Pro for wireless streaming, My Passport X for Gaming Storage, and WD Elements Portable for basic storage.


This brand offers personal and home solutions and products for portable storage, personal cloud, external and internal hard drive storage, SSD, and NAS. Business products include internal storage and NAS. Some nice solutions offered by this company include entertainment, gaming, apps, backup, and surveillance. Memberships are available to their partner program and some great benefits for members include offers you exclusive access to a full range of services and information directly from WD including:

  • Exclusive partner points and rewards.
  • my WD Evaluation Program.
  • Online sales training courses.

Online Account

You can create your own account on their site, keep up to date with news and events, earn points and rewards, find out where to purchase their products, contact the company and more. Three membership tiers available in the program that include gold, silver, and diamond. The maximum amount of points eligible for rewards in any single period is 200,000. This offers you special promotions and extra savings.


You can learn useful and helpful tips for your business by visiting the W blog to learn about Data Loss Recovery Process, What’s Possible with Modern Data Recovery, and read about customer success stories. You may register your new product online, get warranty information, get support and visit them on popular social media sites too. Help is available for placing orders, returning items, refunds, and more. This company has received excellent ratings by many who have tried heir products.

Data Recovery

Some companies claim to be authorized Western Digital data recovery partner with 10% discount to all Western Digital customers. Our engineers have developed tools and methods tailored specifically to recover WD hard drives. Having been a Western Digital partner for the last decade we have been fortunate to be at the forefront of new hard drive technology as it emerges from the largest provider of hard disk storage. With the experience, this relationship has fostered we are able to quickly and accurately diagnose hard drive failures and perform data recovery at a very high success rate.