Hitachi Data Systems & VMware Virtualization Solution

Hitachi data system provides the IT industry with solutions to VMware environments. This enables the customers to build a predictable, integrated, cost effective and adaptable virtualized data and cloud infrastructure. All the Hitachi data solutions are VMware engineered to offer unparalled availability, streamlined management and an exceptional performance. This will help people to lower costs. The aim of providing the virtualization solutions is to enhance integration that can help in debuting all the flash systems to a digital transformation.

As the digital transformation put data at the center of the business strategy, the converged infrastructures becomes a critical element in incorporating success. The Hitachi data systems have provided the fastest way of deploying the infrastructure that can support the virtualized environment. The company has a NSX network virtualization platform which can be combined with the hyperconverged infrastructure systems from Hitachi data systems. This provides a solid foundation for powering the solution hence building confidence with the customers.

This will give the IT lenders a flexibility management of their costs. This will in turn enhance the service delivery. In addition, the business expectations like that of revenue increase will be fulfilled. In your business, you can enhance you’re your business agility with a simple storage management by a policy driven storage consumption. In addition, you can enhance it by simplifying the storage management by the automated storage and dynamic services. Morever; it can be enhanced through an increased efficiency by a granular virtual machine service delivery.

The following are some of the products and solutions from Hitachi data systems:

Hitachi unified compute platform for VMware vSphere

This is a solution that can provide the OCP family with flexibility, unmatched reliability. It also provides the users with a performance and automation that supports the workloads of the enterprise.

UCP 2000

This is a new platform that has simplified the expedited deployment of the private clouds. It has achieved this through the pre-test delivery and pre-building on the converged platforms of the infrastructure. The UCP platform has been supported by all flash configurations in providing flexibility and scaling with modular building blocks. In addition, it is involved with independent network scaling for different application workloads.UCP 2000 has been tested to support virtualization environments that are multiple.

Hitachi virtual storage platform

Each flash that has been accelerated by VSP system is designed for maximization of performance and virtualization storage. With VSP, one can scale the entire VMware environment and the operations under a single software-defined infrastructure. It is a fully native VMware integration that include virtual volumes, vRealize operations etc.