Best picture recovery software

The main cause of data loss is in the file directory and it can cause loss of photos, corruption, deletion, reformation, and other disappointments. JPG’s can be recovered. All you need to know is what is the best picture recovery software. This software is available online and you get free technical support, it is completely safe to use and it comes with a complete guarantee. Some software will allow you to recover files deleted from Windows Recycle bin, formatted partitions or after re-installing Windows. Powerful built-in scan engines can locate and recover deleted files quickly. You do not have to be disappointed because you lose your pics any longer. A virus infection, a hardware failure, or just human error, it’s all too easy to lose vital files. Here is some of the best picture recovery software that help you get your beautiful photos back again:

  • Remo Photo Recovery – This one won a gold award. You can recover files, which bypass Windows recycle bin when they exceed in size as compared to the recycle bin. An entire drive can be scanned in few minutes to recover deleted files.
  • GetData – This service is offered by a digital river company and offers professional services in photo recovery. It has recovered every JPG and almost every raster file.
  • Disk Doctors – Disk Doctors Photo Recovery received excellent grades for the ease of its installation. This service has earned the Top Ten Reviews Silver Award for best photo recovery software.
  • Card Recovery – CardRecovery is photo recovery software designed specifically for damaged, unreadable and defective memory cards.
  • PhotoRescue– PhotoRescue is affordable photo recovery software designed specifically for small storage devices like SD cards, memory sticks, micro-SDs, XD cards and flash cards.
  • Free Any Photo Recovery– Save both time and money because there is no fee required for this one. This software is efficient and freely available photo, video and audio recovery software that allows you to recover deleted files from your PC’s hard drive and USB devices.
  • Undelete 360 – There is no fee for this one and This efficient software tool allows you to recover deleted files from the recycle bin, and lost files due to virus infection, software or hardware failure, hard drive corruption, or unexpected system shutdown.
  • PixRecovery – This software offers corrupted JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP, PNG, or RAW images .jpg, .jpeg, .gif, .tiff, .bmp, .png. The recovered data is saved in a full version and into a new image in bitmap .bmp or original file format according to user’s choice.
  • Stellar Phoenix JPEG Repair for Mac & Windows– This is repair software that repairs corrupt or damaged photographs and image files, having JPEG or JPG file extension without modifying their original data.
  • PC INSPECTOR – This software can bring your data and pics back with no changes whatsoever.
  • DMDE Free Edition– It’s capable of recovering data from a wide array of drives, including 2TB+ drives rescued from a fried external drive enclosure with proprietary formatting. Pay no fee and save money.

Data Recovery: Can Cloud Backup Help?

2020 is here, and cloud users are more  active than ever. Study conducted by Right Scale in 2016 suggests that individuals and companies are adopting hybrid cloud adoption more than ever, and investing in cloud infrastructure seems to be the way to go. 

How important is cloud backup? 

Companies can store all their important data over the cloud, instead of just storing it on-premise, which can be lost easily in the event of a disaster or natural calamity. Cloud backup n is that it is the most cost-effective method of providing both hardware and software. However, there are certain pitfalls panes need to be wary of and guard themselves against. The areas are : 

  1. The data is accessible through web browsers and so data loss needs to be prevented. 
  1. Discrepancies in the data security will prove very expensive for the company, hence it must be prevented at all costs. 


Cloud Backup Tips 

  1. a) Backup the data on the cloud. This can be done by either a secure cloud option or using sneakernet which records the data every night. You could also opt for disaster storage backup which is housed in a fire and disaster proof area. You can also choose another center to back up the data for another branch of the office. This works well especially if there are a number of offices in various locations. 
  2. b) Take backups at regular intervals especially of databases. A weekly total backup is a must. 
  3. c) A recovery process clause should be part of the service level agreement with the cloud company. That way, copies of data will be available if and when needed. 
  4. d) Checkpoint based duplication of data is to be done alongwith the data backup so the recovery will be easier and simpler and it will also be better for the reading as well as writing of the stored data. 

In addition to this, in case there is a situation where the cloud provider needs to be left or the cloud provider wants to part ways with you, a plan should be ready to help you make the transition to the next cloud. 

Cloud Disaster Recovery Plan 

How do you secure your data over the cloud? A good cloud data disaster recovery plan can help you to store important data over the cloud rather than invest on high IT infrastructure costs, that require high purchase and maintenance costs. 

A good plan looks at what the organization needs to store over the cloud, and the best way to go about cloud capacity planning. It looks at points like the amount of time needed in case the company needs to restore data from the cloud to on premise and if there is enough network capacity and bandwidth to direct users to use cloud successfully? 

What’s happening in 2016? 

Companies are increasingly using cloud backup to store data and make sense of it. Big Data is well on its way. There is a focus on cloud analytics, with organizations keeping a tab on cloud deployment costs and the ability for cloud to expand rapidly.

Cloud-based disaster recovery service grabs spotlight

The cloud based recovery has become one of the disaster recovery service data most sought after methods since it is now affordable and a flexible method for after disasters. 

In the current society, it is an essential part of any community as from people’s homes to their businesses. The protection of data is an essential part of disaster management and at times disaster avoidance. A company can experience high losses if it experiences some down time no matter its size. 

Previously disaster recovery was viewed as either recovery of all or loss of all. A whole company would be lost when a section of data was not recovered. In the past the disaster recovery model was based on tape backup.

 Most companies therefore had secondary tapes stored in an offsite location for safe keeping. Because of the time required to recover them and bring them back where they are needed the companies ended up incurring a lot of losses because due to longer downtime. Apart from that this sort of storage was also very expensive. 

With the shift and advancement in IT there has been movement from the traditional disaster recovery models to the use of the cloud for disaster recovery in companies and institutions. 

There are various specific reasons that cloud disaster recovery has been accepted with open hands by businesses including small and mid-sized companies. The cloud disaster recovery (cloud DR) can be implemented differently including in-house or partially in house of even bought as a service.

 This provides very reliable and effective methods to be implemented by small business owners that would have been impossible to acquire. 

 The major cloud strengths are that it provides the ability to keep operating regardless of where the services are delivered. Unlike the previously used models that were kept and retrieved from a physical location making accessibility an issue. 

It also provides tactical failover plans in the case the primary component either hardware or software have partially or completely failed. In this, it also controls the failover so as to maintain and ensure other components do not fail as well hence saving most of the data and components. 

The main aim of the cloud DR is to provide the best method for data recovery of implementation of failover in the case of either natural or man-made disaster. 

Even if the cloud based disaster recovery model has acquire such popularity over a period of time, it should also be understood that it has its own issues too. Well everything has both the good and the bad and the clod based DR is not an exception either.

These are such as, in the case of a disaster, an organization or business should have the right bandwidth to redirect its staff or whoever is using their data to the cloud. The customers should also ensure they understand all the agreements before adopting the model. 

Even with this the cloud based recovery model is o the best DR model currently providing satisfactory services. 

How to recover data with 1 simple tool

You are a business exec and you 

data recovery service Orlando FL are writing a 50-page business analysis for a presentation you have to give the next morning and suddenly the lights go out and your PC goes down. When it all is sorted out and everything comes back up your document is gone and you did not make a backup copy.

What do you do now? Cancel the presentation find another job? No, you go online and download a recovery tool that will find and bring back your lost or corrupted data! 

In the old days, a Software Support Specialist (SSS) got paid big bucks to go out on a Fortune 500 Hundred company’s computer room, locate, piece together a corrupted file, and give it back to an anxious customer. The going rate back then was $150 dollars an hour and a minimum of 2 hours was charged. 

The SSS would then scan the Disk’s Directory looking for the files sectors and the manually patch the headers so they all pointed to the next one in sequence, then manually reactivating the file’s entry header in the master Volume Table of Contents. (VTOC) 

Hopefully, when all was said and done the file would then be readable. Today you will learn about a tool that does all of this for you and makes having an SSS on call moot. 

Here you have a software recovery tool that does the job as well or even better than many of the pay-for-use tools on the market and it’s free. Just go to the Piriform site and download the one that matches the type of environment you want to run in. (portable or standalone.

It is a simple and intuitive package to use, all it does is ask you a few easy questions, and then it gets to work. BTW, it runs on a plethora of windows versions and that makes it convenient, as this tool fits in the one-tool-fix category that runs across the spectrum of Windows releases. 

One it’s up and running the Wizard will help you get you to where you want to be. Don’t be confused when you suddenly see a menagerie of files appear as the tool will find everything that is even remotely recoverable. 

You just need to be patient and look for your missing file. Once you file it select it and Recuva does all the hard work for you. 

If you don’t find what you are looking for don’t fret. Recuva has a more advanced option call a “Deep Scan” Where like Sherlock Holmes it looks for traces of your missing file and then like the fabled sleuth puts all the clues together and you get your file back. 

This tool also works on newly formatted drives as well as data is never truly gone just the disk’s directory pointers don’t exist anymore. The sectors still contain the bits and bytes and this is where Recuva performs magic for you. 

So when you lose that file you can’t afford to lose, turn to Recuva and get it back unharmed. You can look at it here at.

5 Facts Everyone Should Know About Data Recovery

Data recovery is an evolving art, just as 10 Facts Everyone Should Know About data recovery technology itself is ever-evolving in this day and age. New Internet threats and different forms of malware are being developed all the time. As a result, the importance of data recovery is soaring.

Lost data can cost users days, weeks, or even months of work. Moreover, it could cripple your business and devastate your finances. While user mistakes could be responsible for some episodes, malware and software corruption are also likely culprits. Due to the surge in data loss, data recovery has become an emerging field in today’s computer industry. With that in mind, here are 5 facts everyone should know about data recovery

1. Data Recovery Software Is on the Market

Users who are tech-savvy can sometimes address their own data recovery issues via software that is available on the market. Those who have a background in computers and/or have spent alot of time around them may be able to replace faulty or damage parts and can use software to retrieve files from the hard drive. However, it is important to know your limitations and recognize that doing it DIY style might result in damage to the hard drive.

2. Know Your Limitations

If it is beyond your scope, leave it to the experts. This is the reason why many data recovery issues require a trained computer support person to handle it. By entrusting your computer to a professional, they should be able to recover your data without damaging the system.

3. Data Loss Can Have Many Causes

Many times, users attribute data loss to human error or hard drive failures, but in truth, there are several causes for this issue to arise. Data loss can occur when software fails or becomes corrupted. This is a common cause for data loss and can result in a “data dump,” which can compromise the bulk of the data on a computer. However, malware and human error are also frequent contributors when it comes to data loss.

4. Data Recovery Is Ever-Evolving

As previously stated, data recovery is an ever-evolving art. As technology grows and advances, so do the approaches used to reclaiming lost data. As our understanding of the problem expands, the number of solutions available to remedy the issue also increases.

A prime example is forensic data analysis, which enables users to examine data in order to discover criminal activities, such as fraud. With forensic data analysis, IT experts can reconstruct bits of data from hard drives that have been completely wiped or corrupted. This helps law enforcement to solve various crimes and put a spotlight on various criminal activities.

5. Data Loss Is Preventable

While it is a persistent problem, there are ways to prevent it. Some of the best approaches include backing up your hard drive regularly via external storage or the cloud and recognizing the symptoms of virus infestation or hard drive failure on your system.

Recovery of erased messages for android

Its essential for the android made smart phones to enjoy the product in terms of tracing back the deleted messages which happen accidentally. Therefore there exists simple ways if recovering those lost text messages in order to be used by the owners in doing various things with them because they are essential to them hence they need not to worry about the situation but to be at ease in following the instructions of retrieval of the text messages that we are going to discuss about.

Due to accidental delete of your text messages take a step of connecting your android to the windows using the USB cable in order to get the access of the windows. Therefore there is no need to worry in that the phone is well protected from hacking threats. Hence this marks the beginning of recovering the messages which are deleted by mistaken.

From there you should get into another step of ensuring that you recover data erased text messages for your android system. Therefore turn on the USB android debugging. Mostly this is responsible to remove debuggers which act as a barrier to recover deleted messages. This is found on the settings section that one is supposed to check them and ensure that the debugging area is on to ensure that the process runs smoothly and one builds hope of retrieval of his or her message back.

Thereafter select messages to recover and this happens after turning settings on. Those selected messages should be the ones you need to retrieve hence the process continues. Also it can be used to recover media files like music videos and even photos which may have been erased too. Hence android users have something to smile about because if it multitask its essential way which can’t damage the data in the phone therefore everything stands to be secure.

Therefore not forgetting that you should analyse the device and allow it to scan the files. This is essential in a way that every file is secured by the antiviral through scanning the content to ensure all the threats are dealt with. The scanning should be done and if it fails you should click the retry button and ensure the scanning process runs through all the files. This has made the Android Data Recovery users being at a position of branding the company in a good way throughout.

Also preview and recover the texts in a way that you should ensure reading the messages first by looking for the names and even the contacts that you are in need of recovering hence you are sure of what you are retrieving. Hence will be saved on the PC you used for the retrieved messages and also not forgetting the existing messages are found as they are and they are not altered in any way.

Therefore to crown up it takes a simple process of getting the accidentally deleted messages back and this make android users have something to smile always about in life.

Western Digital Hard Drives

Western Digital is known for storing the world’s data. INTERNAL HARD DRIVE STORAGE by this well known maker includes WD Black Performance Desktop Hard Drive, WD Black Performance Mobile Hard Drive, WD Blue PC Desktop Hard Drive, WD Blue PC Mobile Hard Drive, WD Blue SSHD PC Desktop Hard Drive, WD Purple Surveillance Hard Drive and WD Red NAS Hard Drive. The different colors means you use them for doing different things. Purple is for capturing images, red is for networking, black is for creating and blue is for building.

External Storage Hard Drives

Western Digital offers many fine solutions for businesses, creative professionals and home and personal use. They are a trusted leader helping people get the most out of using technology. They provide high quality and innovative, products, exceptional customer service and the best operational excellence. Their external storage drives include My Book (New), My Book, My Book Duo, My Book for Mac, WD Elements Desktop and My Book Pro.

Portable External Hard Drives

Western Digital also provide portable external hard drives which include My Passport for premium storage, My Passport for Mac (New) that offers a stylish design, My Passport Pro for RAID, My Passport for Mac uses USB 2.0, USB 3.0, My Passport Ultra for premium storage using USB 2.0, USB 3.0, My Passport Ultra Metal Edition which has a nice metal design, My Passport Wireless for SD Card Slot, USB 3.0, Wi-Fi, My Passport Wireless Pro for wireless streaming, My Passport X for Gaming Storage, and WD Elements Portable for basic storage.


This brand offers personal and home solutions and products for portable storage, personal cloud, external and internal hard drive storage, SSD, and NAS. Business products include internal storage and NAS. Some nice solutions offered by this company include entertainment, gaming, apps, backup, and surveillance. Memberships are available to their partner program and some great benefits for members include offers you exclusive access to a full range of services and information directly from WD including:

  • Exclusive partner points and rewards.
  • my WD Evaluation Program.
  • Online sales training courses.

Online Account

You can create your own account on their site, keep up to date with news and events, earn points and rewards, find out where to purchase their products, contact the company and more. Three membership tiers available in the program that include gold, silver, and diamond. The maximum amount of points eligible for rewards in any single period is 200,000. This offers you special promotions and extra savings.


You can learn useful and helpful tips for your business by visiting the W blog to learn about Data Loss Recovery Process, What’s Possible with Modern Data Recovery, and read about customer success stories. You may register your new product online, get warranty information, get support and visit them on popular social media sites too. Help is available for placing orders, returning items, refunds, and more. This company has received excellent ratings by many who have tried heir products.

Data Recovery

Some companies claim to be authorized Western Digital data recovery partner with 10% discount to all Western Digital customers. Our engineers have developed tools and methods tailored specifically to recover WD hard drives. Having been a Western Digital partner for the last decade we have been fortunate to be at the forefront of new hard drive technology as it emerges from the largest provider of hard disk storage. With the experience, this relationship has fostered we are able to quickly and accurately diagnose hard drive failures and perform data recovery at a very high success rate.

Disaster Recovery and Data Backup Strategies

All computer and systems operators should make it a point to back up their data on a regular basis. Computers and systems tend to build up a huge amount of information within a relatively short amount of time. People typically do not back up their information and if they encounter a computer malfunction then they end losing all or most of this important data. The following information will provide some basic and proven strategies that operators can use to back up and recover their information.

Manually Back up your Files

You should make it a point to manually save your files when you work. People often do not perform this simple task when they are working. Once the files are saved you should then manually back them up. You can perform this action by using a backup program on your PC or by putting your data on a cloud based storage system. Keep in mind that a good back up program that can be used for this purpose. It should have an iteration features which allows a user to save different versions of the data being stored.

Flash Drives

Sometimes you can back up your work on a good flash drive that will allow you to carry data from one computer to the next. This is a great way for people to keep track of data without leaving it stored within a computer. The best thing about a flash drive is that it protects data from being wiped out or lost if a computer malfunctions. The only drawback to a flash drive is that a person will have to ensure that they are keeping track of the device because they can be easily lost.

A 3-2-1 Approach

There is a back up strategy that is called a 3-2-1 back up plan. This process requires system operators to make 3 copies of their data. At least 2 of those copies must be stored within the system and the last copy must be stored at an offsite location.

This approach is very beneficial for companies that process a lot of information over a long period of time. It is also useful for small businesses and personal computer users who store up a lot of information over the years. By having an offsite location to store data, it makes it easier for companies to retain and access their information in the event of a power outage or if their system is compromised.

Disaster Recovery Back Up Approaches

Some government and business organizations back up their data by using a mirror approach. They literally create another computerized system environment that mirrors the one they have. However, they only use this mirror environment to store data. They will bring it online if their original computerized environment fails. A mirror environment is a great way to have another computerized system ready to use if the original one fails or is compromised.

Vendors can also provide hot spots so that organizations can access their lost information in the event that their system fails or is compromised. Organizations who use this service will be able to access their information on special protected hardware until they are able to bring their systems back online.

All of these approaches are very important and practical for saving, backing up and recovering data. Any business organization that uses a computer would be wise to use these approaches.

What Evidence Recovery is possible with Forensic Data Recovery?

The Science Involved in data recovery

Not everyone that uses electronic media has good intentions. There are those that use it for mysterious purposes; some of which include stealing money, scamming, stealing intellectual possessions, human trafficking, indulgence in extramarital relations and other criminal offenses. These people with ulterior motives are very careful not to get caught. They try as much as possible to wipe out any evidence linking them to the crime. In most instances it is very hard to find data that can be used against them since they make sure that remove it by even reformatting their hard drives.

The immediate expected response is contacting the local computer retailer who will terminate any hope left by telling you that nothing can be recovered. Of course you can’t judge him much because you do not expect him to have much knowledge about forensic data analysis. He or she might know a thing or two about data recovery but not the deep stuff. It is advisable to seek assistance from a party with much experience in the realm of forensics. Getting dubious advice won’t help you to make any progress.

Finding evidence on electronic media device

Even after formatting, the deleted evidence is still present. All you have to do is make the necessary arrangements to find it. The steps that someone will take to destroy the evidence that could incriminate them is hardly adequate. The wrong doing will emerge after the necessary steps are taken. A private investigator can be hired to assist with the issue. Forensic analysts with enough experience will easily recover the data from a machine which has already been cleaned. The reason for hiring a private investigator is because they make the task a hundred percent private. Getting the right forensic scientist ensures that you get the data which only a few can get access to. It will also take a short while.

Forensic data recovery

Forensics involves the application of science in getting answers in the realm of law. Forensic data recovery refers to the art and science of taking the task of recovering information that has been wiped out from cell phones, computers and other electronic media devices. An audit trail starts after the media that was supposed to be recovered is found. It has to be kept in record since it is necessary for legal proceedings.

Evidence that can recovered through forensic data recovery

The evidence that can be recovered using forensic data recovery involves; files that have been deleted from a computer, a formatted hard drive, encrypted files, discovery of visited websites, examining of recent accessed files, hidden texts from printed documents, hidden photos and deleted email messages.

Hitachi Data Systems & VMware Virtualization Solution

Hitachi data system provides the IT industry with solutions to VMware environments. This enables the customers to build a predictable, integrated, cost effective and adaptable virtualized data and cloud infrastructure. All the Hitachi data solutions are VMware engineered to offer unparalled availability, streamlined management and an exceptional performance. This will help people to lower costs. The aim of providing the virtualization solutions is to enhance integration that can help in debuting all the flash systems to a digital transformation.

As the digital transformation put data at the center of the business strategy, the converged infrastructures becomes a critical element in incorporating success. The Hitachi data systems have provided the fastest way of deploying the infrastructure that can support the virtualized environment. The company has a NSX network virtualization platform which can be combined with the hyperconverged infrastructure systems from Hitachi data systems. This provides a solid foundation for powering the solution hence building confidence with the customers.

This will give the IT lenders a flexibility management of their costs. This will in turn enhance the service delivery. In addition, the business expectations like that of revenue increase will be fulfilled. In your business, you can enhance you’re your business agility with a simple storage management by a policy driven storage consumption. In addition, you can enhance it by simplifying the storage management by the automated storage and dynamic services. Morever; it can be enhanced through an increased efficiency by a granular virtual machine service delivery.

The following are some of the products and solutions from Hitachi data systems:

Hitachi unified compute platform for VMware vSphere

This is a solution that can provide the OCP family with flexibility, unmatched reliability. It also provides the users with a performance and automation that supports the workloads of the enterprise.

UCP 2000

This is a new platform that has simplified the expedited deployment of the private clouds. It has achieved this through the pre-test delivery and pre-building on the converged platforms of the infrastructure. The UCP platform has been supported by all flash configurations in providing flexibility and scaling with modular building blocks. In addition, it is involved with independent network scaling for different application workloads.UCP 2000 has been tested to support virtualization environments that are multiple.

Hitachi virtual storage platform

Each flash that has been accelerated by VSP system is designed for maximization of performance and virtualization storage. With VSP, one can scale the entire VMware environment and the operations under a single software-defined infrastructure. It is a fully native VMware integration that include virtual volumes, vRealize operations etc.