How to Use Skype to Advance Your Business


Congratulations on opening a new branch office in another city, state country. Now the hard task for you is managing the branches well. How do you go about communicating with your branch manager and new staff to know their progress? Well, the answer is Skype for business.

Formerly known as Lync, Microsoft renamed it to Skype for Business in 2015. Since then, the application has been integrated with Office 365 and now, business users can access video calls. IMs, online meetings, and voice calls. In addition, businesses can also enjoy enterprise security, authentication, and call encryption.

So, can Skype for business help you advance your company?

Yes and here is how to use Skype to advance your business.

Video Conferencing calls

As a cost-saving business tool, managers can conduct online meetings with staff working in far away branches. Thanks to improved technology, businesses can now install large OLED screens with Wi-Fi capability. Together with an HD webcam, you can connect the large display screen to the internet allowing managers and workers to conduct real-time meetings. Thanks to the HD webcam, managers and staff can experience high-quality video calling for free.

Person to person voice calls

Today, mobile phones have slowly replaced fixed line phones even in businesses. The problem with mobile phones for business is that voice calls are very expensive. With Skype for Business, you can make person to person voice calls at a much cheaper rate. This is because the application relies on the internet and not mobile coverage like mobile phones.

Meeting Broadcast

With Skype for Business, you can now carry out virtual meetings with up to 10,000 attendees. They can join the meeting virtually using any modern browser or device. As a result, businesses can carry out large meetings without staff members even leaving their workstations. When combined with Cloud PBX, businesses can stop relying on separate PBX systems and adopt cloud computing with Office 365. This will ease communications management, as the system will act as a control center.

End to end encryption

We all know how hackers are always on the prowl to steal data and secrets from businesses to sell to your competitors. To ensure your online meetings are secure, the application offers end to end encryption which means no one including Microsoft, your ISP or your business competitors will eavesdrop on your meetings. This technology has been extended to work with Office 365 apps. In addition, it is powered by on-demand manageability.

Skype button for your business website

Are you looking for an inexpensive method of providing support to your customers? The answer is Skype for Business. All you have to do is add a Skype button to your website. When customers click on the button, they can connect with your customer support representatives. The buttons are designed to change depending on your status – online or offline. Unlike toll-free numbers, the app relies on the internet and cloud computing which means it’s faster, secure and works with multiple devices.