How to Recover Data From Cell Phones

Smartphones are versatile as we can capture videos, shoot photos, store documents, listen to music and browse the internet while on the move. As an electronic device, it is fitted with an internal memory that stores and allows access to the data and information above. As a portable electronic device, there is a chance you […]

What Can Drug Testing Services be used for?

You might be amazed at how far drug testing services have evolved over the years. It’s practically gotten to where just about anything that could go into your system could be found and inspected by a drug testing firm. A company dedicated to Lake Mary drug testing services should be able to find all of […]

10 Free Security Software Programs

  All-around computer security Avast Free Antivirus This is a great all-around computer security software available for both PC and Mac users. It provides protection from viruses by continuously scanning the files of your computer as well as providing email and web protection. Any viruses found are locked securely in the “virus chest” where you […]

10 People who Influenced Tech in 2018

Technological breakthroughs normally tend to emerge from faceless, and nameless companies. But behind every company logo, there is a group of people that are shaping the future in one way or another. Some are programmers, while others are researchers. The following list of ten people lists some of the most influential people in tech in […]

New Technology That is Valuable to Running Your Business

You should always consider it a good idea to look for new technology that will be of help to your business. It does not matter how long you have worked in the same company or you are planning to start your own business. In these modern times, no business can succeed without the use of […]

Tech Tips for Starting a YouTube Channel

The rise of video blogging is continuously rising. It is understandable for young adult or tech savvy to be enticed in creating a YouTube channel. Generally, a YouTube channel is fun and an excellent interactive hobby. It quickly makes you a famous online personality with an added benefit of assisting you to meet new individuals, […]

How Search Engines Can Help You Make Money

When running a business, you can create your blog to market the products and services you are offering. Search engines can help you generate massive income from your business. However, you have to acquaint yourself with the search engine marketing strategy to be successful. All you have to do is create a lot of relevant […]

How to Use Skype to Advance Your Business

  Congratulations on opening a new branch office in another city, state country. Now the hard task for you is managing the branches well. How do you go about communicating with your branch manager and new staff to know their progress? Well, the answer is Skype for business. Formerly known as Lync, Microsoft renamed it […]